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Red herring

In what context might a red herring be intentionally used by a writer?

Wong's Lost and Found Emporium

What was the idea that inspired William F. Wu to write the short story 'Wong's Lost and Found Emporium'?

Andrew Leeds (actor)

Which reality show launched Andrew Harrison Leeds' career as a writer?


What is the meaning of the term 'kana'?

Meaghan Oppenheimer

What was the working title of the drama series for TV written by Meaghan Oppenheimer?

The Wolf Hour

What does June use to overcome her writer's block in The Wolf Hour?

Space (punctuation)

Which language does not use spaces when dealing with text containing mostly Chinese characters and kana?

Space (punctuation)

What is the purpose of spaces in writing?

Clint Bickham

Which manga did Clint Bickham write the English adaptations for?


What is the omniscient point of view?