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Sino-Vietnamese War

What is the neutral name for the Sino-Vietnamese War in Chinese?

Timeline of the Ethiopian Empire

Which battle marked the defeat of the Italian forces by Ethiopians during the First Italo-Ethiopian War?

First Congo War

What event precipitated the First Congo War in 1996?

Yemenite War of 1979

What event led to the outbreak of the Second Yemenite War in February 1979?

Battle of Bangui (2013)

Which city did the Séléka rebels capture first during the Battle of Bangui in March 2013?

Battle of Bangui (2013)

What was the main demand of the rebels before the Battle of Bangui in March 2013?

Battle of Bangui (2013)

Who declared himself the new President of the Central African Republic after the Battle of Bangui in March 2013?

Angolan Civil War

Which two former anti-colonial guerrilla movements were involved in the Angolan Civil War?

Lahti L-39

During which war did Finland lack anti-tank weaponry and only had two 20 mm rifles available?

19th Guards Mechanized Brigade (Belarus)

Which division was the 19th Guards Tank Division renamed to during the Cold War?