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Us Highways

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Interstate 71

What tragic accident is marked by signs near the town of Carrollton along I-71?

Interstate 70 in Pennsylvania

Which segment of I-70 in Pennsylvania is not designed to modern Interstate standards?

Interstate 69

What is the total length of Interstate 69 in miles?

Interstate 480 (Nebraska–Iowa)

What is the name of the portion of I-480 in Nebraska that has been named in honor of a former president?

U.S. Route 202 Business (Montgomeryville–Doylestown, Pennsylvania)

What was the original designation of the road between Montgomeryville and Doylestown before it became US 202 Business?

Interstate 20 in Texas

Which city forms the northern arc of the loop around the city when Interstate 20 passes through it?

Interstate 20 in Texas

Where does Interstate 20 in Texas begin its eastward journey?

Interstate 20 in Texas

What is Interstate 20 in Texas known as within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex?

Interstate 69 in Indiana

Where does the original segment of Interstate 69 in Indiana run from and to?

Interstate 96

What is the name of the Wayne County section of I-96 from its eastern terminus to the junction with I-275 and M-14?