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Awake (Once Upon a Time)

Who does Hook encounter in Neverland while trying to reach Emma and escape Neverland in the episode 'Awake'?

Supergirl season 5

Who stars as Kara in the fifth season of Supergirl?

June Diane Raphael

In which Netflix comedy series does June Diane Raphael play the role of Brianna Hanson?

June Diane Raphael

Where did June Diane Raphael graduate from high school?

Only Mama Knows (Grey's Anatomy)

Who directed the episode 'Only Mama Knows' in the eleventh season of Grey's Anatomy?

Brian Posehn

For which TV show did Brian Posehn receive nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards?

Brian Posehn

Where was Brian Posehn born and raised?

Into the Dark (TV series)

Who is the founder of Blumhouse Productions and executive producer of every episode of Into the Dark?

The Rookie: Feds

Who plays Simone Clark in The Rookie: Feds?

Out There and Back

Which track from the album Out There and Back by Paul van Dyk was featured during a chase sequence in What's New, Scooby-Doo?