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Moment problem

What are the three named classical moment problems?

Murder in Kentucky law

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what was the murder rate in Kentucky in 2020?

Moment-generating function

What is the moment-generating function used to compute?

Murder in Texas law

What does the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report about the murder rate in Texas?

Extreme value theory

Who pioneered the field of extreme value theory?


What is the alternative definition of the cumulant-generating function?


What is the average that is useful for sets of positive numbers, interpreted according to their product?

Gladstone station (SEPTA)

How many boardings did Gladstone station see on an average weekday in 2013?

Simpson's paradox

What is another name for Simpson's paradox?

Glenside station

How many average weekday boardings did Glenside station have in 2013?