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No-code development platform

Who are No-code tools often designed for?

No-code development platform

What distinguishes No-code development platforms (NCDPs) from low-code development platforms?

No-code development platform

What is a key benefit of utilizing a No-code development platform (NCDP)?


What does the view in the MVVM pattern represent?

GYP (software)

Which software projects are still built using GYP?

GYP (software)

Which tool replaced GYP in the Chromium project in 2016?

GYP (software)

What was the purpose of the GYP build automation tool created by Google in 2011?

Convention over configuration

What is the concept of convention over configuration in software design?

Jira (software)

What was Jira originally launched as in 2002?

Martin Fowler (software engineer)

Which book by Martin Fowler popularised the practice of code refactoring?