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Roller Coasters

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What was the reason for the permanent closure of Do-Dodonpa in 2024?


How fast did the roller coaster Do-Dodonpa accelerate in 1.8 seconds after its refurbishment in 2017?


What was the original name of the steel roller coaster located at Fuji-Q Highland before it was renamed to Do-Dodonpa?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

What was the name of the small mining town that became a thriving one under the thumb of the greedy mining company owner on Big Thunder Mountain?

Nickelodeon Slime Streak

What is the name of the steel family roller coaster located in the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park at the American Dream Meadowlands megamall?

Sandy's Blasting Bronco

What is the name of the compact steel launched roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe amusement park in New Jersey?

TMNT Shellraiser

What is the theme of the TMNT Shellraiser roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe?

Mission Ferrari

What was the reason for the delay in opening Mission Ferrari?

Wicker Man (roller coaster)

When did the Wicker Man roller coaster open to the public?

Cobra's Curse

What is the name of the ancient Egyptian ruler featured in the fictional story of Cobra's Curse?