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How many passengers did Flytoget transport in 2007?

Arksey railway station

Where was the York-bound platform located at Arksey railway station?

Arksey railway station

When was Arksey railway station closed by British Railways?

Arksey railway station

What was the original name of Arksey railway station?

High-speed rail in Norway

What is the main service on the high-speed rail line between Oslo Central Station and Eidsvoll via Oslo Airport?

Haramain High Speed Railway

When did the Haramain High Speed Railway open to the public?

Haramain High Speed Railway

How many stations are there on the Haramain High Speed Railway line?

Haramain High Speed Railway

What is the top speed of the Haramain High Speed Railway?

Northern Powerhouse Rail

What is the proposed major rail programme designed to enhance the economic potential of the North of England?

High-speed rail in Canada

What was the name of the advocacy group formed on April 10, 2008, to promote and educate Canadians on the benefits of high-speed rail in Canada?