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Isserlis' theorem

What is the name of the formula that allows one to compute higher-order moments of the multivariate normal distribution in terms of its covariance matrix?


What is the alternative definition of the cumulant-generating function?

Simpson's paradox

What is another name for Simpson's paradox?

Moment (mathematics)

What is the first moment of a probability distribution?

Orders of magnitude (numbers)

What is the probability of a typing 'monkey' or an English-illiterate typing robot typing out William Shakespeare's play Hamlet as its first set of inputs, with correct punctuation, capitalization, and spacing?


What is the purpose of random selection?


What is the difference between randomness and haphazardness?


What is the definition of randomness?

De Moivre–Laplace theorem

What is the relationship between the binomial distribution and the central limit theorem?

De Moivre–Laplace theorem

What is the probability mass function of the de Moivre-Laplace theorem?