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Dajia Riverside Park

What is the main feature of Dajia Riverside Park that sprays water for half an hour at the hour?

Hyde Park, London

When was Hyde Park opened to the public?

Pollok Country Park

What is a feature of interest in Pollok Country Park?

Pollok Country Park

What was Pollok Country Park named in 2007?

Miraflores Central Park

What is the popular name of the Miraflores Central Park complex?

Lake Texcoco Ecological Park

What is the main objective of the Lake Texcoco Ecological Park project?

Ohio State Route 625

Which park does the west side of SR 625 in Ohio abut?

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

How many acres is Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park scheduled to grow by with the acquisition of the Tyler Ranch?

Western Slope, Jersey City

Which park in The Heights, Jersey City, is the site of a larger than life 1907 sculpture called Buffalo and Bears by Solon Hannibal Borglum?

Hudson Heights, Manhattan

Which park in Hudson Heights was conceived by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and designed by the Olmsted Brothers?