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1990 Daytona 500

What was the reason behind Dale Earnhardt losing the lead on the final lap of the 1990 Daytona 500?

1990 Daytona 500

Which driver led the most laps during the 1990 Daytona 500?

1990 Daytona 500

Who won the 1990 Daytona 500 after Dale Earnhardt suffered a flat tire on the final turn of the race?

Paul Menard

Where did John Menard Jr., the father of John Paul Menard, found a chain of home improvement stores?

Andrés Pérez de Lara

At what age did Andrés Pérez de Lara win the NASCAR Mikel's Truck Series championship?

Nick Sanchez

Where did Nicholas A. Sanchez begin his racing career?