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Middle East

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Intercommunal conflict in Mandatory Palestine

What did the Zionist leaders view the Arabs in Palestine as during the movement's formative stages?

Gaza Strip evacuations

What was the first evacuation order given during the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza?

Timeline of the Syrian civil war (2024)

How many people were killed in Syria during January 2024?

Qatari support for Hamas

Which country was the first to visit Gaza under Hamas rule and pledged $400 million for reconstruction?

Qatari support for Hamas

Who is the current head of Hamas that has resided in Doha since 2016?

Qatari support for Hamas

Which country has been a key financial backer and ally of the Palestinian militant organization Hamas?

Criticism of Hamas

What did Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh state in 2009 when meeting with representatives of the anti-Zionist Jewish group Neturei Karta?

Refugee camp airstrikes in the Israel–Hamas war

During the Israel-Hamas war, which refugee camp in the Gaza Strip was bombed on 9 October 2023, resulting in the destruction of four mosques?

Palestinian genocide accusation

What event is described as the violent displacement and dispossession of the Palestinian people, along with the destruction of their society, culture, identity, political rights, and national aspirations?

Timeline of the Israel–Hezbollah conflict (2023–present)

Who claimed responsibility for the armed infiltration near the towns of Marwahin, Ayta ash Shab, and Dhayra in the Bint Jbeil district?