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Medical Drama

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Grey's Anatomy season 7

Which character leaves for Africa after receiving a grant in season 7 of Grey's Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy season 7

Who was the most affected by the shooting in season 6 of Grey's Anatomy?

A Hard Day's Night (Grey's Anatomy)

Who is nicknamed 'The Nazi' for her serious demeanor and strictness in the pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy?

Everybody Dies (House)

Who did House switch dental records with to fake his own death in the series finale of House?

Flight (Grey's Anatomy)

Who ultimately dies in the episode 'Flight' of Grey's Anatomy?

Losing My Religion (Grey's Anatomy)

Who was responsible for cutting Duquette's LVAD wire in the episode 'Losing My Religion' of Grey's Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy (season 1)

Who is the main character in the first season of Grey's Anatomy?