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Basic subgroup

What is a p-basic subgroup in abstract algebra?

Kite (geometry)

What is a special property of right kites in geometry?

Kite (geometry)

Which quadrilateral has the greatest ratio of perimeter to diameter?

Kite (geometry)

What is another name for a kite in geometry?

John Forbes Nash Jr.

What concept introduced by John Nash is now considered central to game theory and its applications in various sciences?

Jan Mycielski

Where was Jan Mycielski born?

Jan Mycielski

In which year did Jan Mycielski become a fellow of the American Mathematical Society?

Jan Mycielski

What is the mathematical concept named after Jan Mycielski that is a construction for embedding any undirected graph into a larger graph with strictly higher chromatic number without creating any additional triangles?

Schönhage–Strassen algorithm

What is the run-time bit complexity to multiply two n-digit numbers using the Schönhage–Strassen algorithm?

Continuous function

What is a function that is not continuous known as?