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Just Mercy

What is the main focus of the film Just Mercy?

Stacy Warner

What was Stacy's profession when she returned to the hospital?

15th Street station (SEPTA)

What major lawsuit was filed regarding the renovation of 15th Street station in 2003?

Joel Rifkin

How many years was Joel David Rifkin sentenced to in prison?

Artificial butter flavoring

Which company was awarded damages in a lawsuit due to a consumer's lung disease caused by microwave popcorn chemicals?

Reverse domain hijacking

What is reverse domain name hijacking also known as?

Caning in Singapore

In Singapore, which group of individuals is eligible for judicial caning?

Births and Deaths Registration Act

In which country was the Births and Deaths Registration Act passed in 1924?

Philip Morris International

Which country did Philip Morris International sue over the ban on displaying tobacco products?

Trial of Donald Trump

Which upcoming trial is scheduled for March 25, 2024 on 34 hush-money-related charges against Donald Trump?