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Wikipedia:April Fools/April Fools' Day 2004/Delete the main page

What was the reason for the deletion of the March Pi page?


Which Twice single became a viral meme in South Korea due to a particular line sung by Sana?


Who was known as the "King of Hurtcore"?

Jailbait images

What was the most infamous online jailbait community?

Jailbait images

What is the legal status of jailbait images?

Jailbait images

What are jailbait images?

Arrow in the knee

What was the reaction to the 'arrow in the knee' meme?

Arrow in the knee

What caused the 'arrow in the knee' phrase to become popular?


What is the name of the British YouTube group that KSI is a co-founder and member of?

No Nut November

What is the origin of No Nut November?