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North Koreans in Russia

Where did many North Korean students enroll during the post-Korean War reconstruction period from 1953 to 1962?

Libya–Turkey relations

What major airbase does Turkey currently occupy in Libya?

Sino-Vietnamese conflicts (1979–1991)

What was the area occupied by Chinese troops that was disputed land controlled by Vietnam before hostilities broke out?

Greater Tamil Nadu

Which Tamil nationalist concept centers on forming a national homeland for the Tamils by merging the Tamil speaking areas of India proper and Sri Lanka?

Western European and Others Group

Which regional group at the United Nations is composed of 28 Member States mainly from Western Europe, North America, the Eastern Mediterranean, Fennoscandia, and Oceania?

Dnipro strikes (2022–present)

During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, how many missiles hit the Dnipro International Airport on 15 March?


Which country purchased Alaska for $7.2 million in 1867?


Which event led to the territorial and geopolitical shift from the Asian to the American side of the International Date Line in 1867?

Ukrainian Air Force

What is the main role of the Ukrainian Air Force?

Cyprus problem

What is the ongoing dispute between the Greek Cypriot community and the Turkish Cypriot community known as?