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French History

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Francis I of France

What was Francis I known as for his role in the development and promotion of the French language?

Miss Aquitaine

Who was crowned Miss France in 1920?

Letizia Bonaparte

What was Letizia Bonaparte's title as the mother of Napoleon I of France?

Napoleon III

Where was Napoleon III born?

Joséphine de Beauharnais

Where was Joséphine Bonaparte officially born according to the church registry?

Lucien Bonaparte (cardinal)

Who was the godfather of Lucien Louis Joseph Napoléon Bonaparte?

Ernest Archdeacon

Who was regarded as France's foremost promoter and sponsor of aviation, offering prizes and commissioning designs?

Royal touch

Which French king was the first to touch for scrofula?

Timeline of French history

Which century saw the establishment of the French Fifth Republic?

Timeline of French history

During which century did Napoleon Bonaparte rise to power in France?