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Forest steppe

Which region is an example of the forest steppe ecotone in North America?

Forest steppe

Which ecoregion forms a transition between Central European forests and the Pontic-Caspian steppe?

Forest steppe

Where does forest steppe primarily occur?


What is the major sink for fixed nitrogen that limits oceanic primary productivity?

Flying and gliding animals

What is the main advantage of gliding for animals moving through the canopy?

Pennsylvania Highlands Region

What is one of the reasons the Pennsylvania Highlands region is seen as ecologically significant?

Mutualism (biology)

What is mutualism in ecology?

Cricket (insect)

Where are crickets mainly found in terms of habitat?

East Siberian taiga

What type of forests are predominant in the East Siberian taiga ecoregion?

East Siberian taiga

What is the main threat to the integrity of the East Siberian taiga ecoregion?