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Feast of Fools

What event is thought to have influenced the Feast of Fools?

Feast of Fools

What was the origin of the Feast of Fools?

Feast of Fools

During the Feast of Fools, participants would elect a false Bishop, false Archbishop, or false Pope. What was the purpose of this election?

Al-Bahah Province

What is the famous traditional market in Baljorashi called?


In which culture is the number seven considered lucky?

Fine Clothes to the Jew

What phrase does the title of the collection refer to?

Flag of Macau

How many stars are there on the flag of Macau?

Flag of Macau

What does the bridge on the flag of Macau symbolize?

Flag of Macau

What is the floral emblem of Macau?


What is another name for the millennial generation?