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Crampe en masse et le hot dog géant

What type of content does the album 'Crampe en masse et le hot dog géant' contain?

Hard Quiz

Who is the host of the Australian television comedy quiz show Hard Quiz?

Stand-up comedy

Who holds the Guinness World Record for most laughs per minute?

Stand-up comedy

What is the term used to describe a surprising punchline that changes the context or meaning of the setup?

Stand-up comedy

Who is considered to be America's first stand-up comedian?

Seven dirty words

What are the seven dirty words listed by George Carlin in his 1972 monologue?

Joe Lycett

What award was Joe Lycett awarded in 2009?

Joe Lycett

What was the name of the show that Joe Lycett presented on BBC Two?

Joe Lycett

What was Joe Lycett's self-given moniker?

List of French television series

What was the first shortcom series to air in France?