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Which studio did Genco collaborate with in the production of Hero Tales?

Lisa Lavie

Which instrumentalist did Lisa Lavie become a vocalist for in 2010?

LL Cool J discography

Which artist did LL Cool J collaborate with on the song 'All I Have'?

The Wachowskis

What was Lana Wachowski's first major project without Lilly Wachowski?

Prosenjit Chatterjee

Who did Prosenjit Chatterjee collaborate with for the film Shob Charitro Kalponik?

Svetozar Cvetković

Who did Svetozar Cvetković play the lead role with in the film Do Not Forget Me Istanbul?

The Muppet Christmas Carol

What is the first Muppet film to be produced by Walt Disney Pictures?

Redemption (Sigma and Diztortion song)

Which artist collaborated with Sigma and Diztortion on the single 'Redemption'?

Loredana Bertè

Who did Loredana Bertè collaborate with on the song 'E la luna bussò'?