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Chinese History

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Chinese History: A New Manual

What is the main aim of the sixth edition of Chinese History: A New Manual?

Song dynasty

What was the capital city during the Northern Song period?

The Blue Kite

In the film The Blue Kite, what is the significance of the blue kite given to Tietou by his father?

Chen dynasty

Who founded the Chen dynasty after the downfall of the Liang dynasty?

Imperial Chinese harem system

What was the highest rank for imperial consorts in Chinese history?

Military history of the Northern and Southern dynasties

What was the primary significance of the Twenty-four Armies created by Western Wei in 550?

Sui dynasty

Which emperor of the Sui dynasty was assassinated by his minister, Yuwen Huaji, leading to the disintegration of the dynasty?

Sui dynasty

What major construction project was initiated by Emperor Wen to link Chang'an to the Yellow River?

Sui dynasty

Who founded the Sui dynasty and became known as Emperor Wen?

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period

Who was the rebel defector turned warlord who ultimately ended the Tang dynasty?