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Pink Lightning

What is 'Pink Lightning' in reference to the Pink Panther animated short?


What breed of dog is Muttley identified as in the Wacky Races segment 'Dash to Delaware'?

Wakko's Wish

What did Wakko wish for using the wishing star?


What type of programs can be found on the eToonz channel?

The Addams Family

When was the first Addams Family cartoon published?

Charles M. Schulz

What was the name of the first animated TV special featuring Charlie Brown that won an Emmy award?

Charles M. Schulz

Which comic strip did Charles Schulz create that featured Charlie Brown and Snoopy?

Charles M. Schulz

What was the name of Charles Schulz's family dog that he loved to draw?


What instrument is Pig-Pen shown playing in the Peanuts specials?


In which year did Pig-Pen last appear in the Peanuts comic strip?