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Stella McCartney

Which fashion designer did Stella McCartney intern for at the age of 16?

Peter Chan (artist)

Where did Peter Chan move to when he decided to become a freelance artist?

Joseph Abboud

In which year did Joseph Abboud become the chief creative officer of HMX?

Cynthia Baum

In which year did Cynthia Gail Baum become the chancellor of Argosy University?

Caroline Harris (politician)

Which position did Caroline Harris Davila hold while working for State Senator Bryan Hughes?

Amy Adams

Where did Amy Adams begin her professional career as a dancer?

Elly Tanaka

In which year did Elly Margaret Tanaka become a professor at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden?

Shamar Joseph

What job did Shamar Joseph have before pursuing cricket full time?

India Summer

What industry did India Summer work in before transitioning to modeling and acting?

Jordan North

Which radio station did Jordan North work at before joining BBC Radio 1?