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Canadian History

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Rewind (radio program)

Which individual created and produced the Canadian radio program Rewind?

Rewind (radio program)

Who was the host of the Canadian radio program Rewind from 2009 to 2019?

Golden Hawks

What was the reason for the disbandment of the Golden Hawks aerobatic flying team in 1964?

Maud Lewis

What was Maud Lewis known for painting?

Fern Villeneuve

What was the name of the Canadian military aerobatic flying team established in 1959 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the 50th anniversary of Canadian flight?

Orenda Engines

What was the first Canadian-designed jet engine produced by Orenda?

Dee Brasseur

Where was Deanna Marie 'Dee' Brasseur born?

Trans-Canada Air Lines

What was the original name of Air Canada before it was renamed in 1965?

Fleet 80 Canuck

Who designed the original Noury N-75, which later became the Fleet Model 80 Canuck?

John Allore

In which city did Jonathan Allore work as the budget director before his death?