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British Army

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John Anderson (VC)

Where is Major John Thompson McKellar Anderson's Victoria Cross displayed?

John Anderson (VC)

Where was Major John Thompson McKellar Anderson educated?

Richard Gale (British Army officer)

Where was General Sir Richard Nelson 'Windy' Gale born?

Samuel Lomax

Where was Lieutenant General Samuel Holt Lomax born?

Richard Lonsdale

During which battle did Richard Lonsdale give a motivational speech to his men?

Richard Lonsdale

What military award was Richard Lonsdale given for his actions in Waziristan?

Richard Lonsdale

Where was Lieutenant Colonel Richard Thomas Henry Lonsdale born?

Hubert Gough

Where was General Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough born?

King's Royal Hussars

What is the unique feature of the King's Royal Hussars uniform that is derived from an honour accorded by Prince Albert?