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Tony Thompson (drummer)

What band was Anthony Thompson a member of along with Robert Palmer, and John Taylor and Andy Taylor of Duran Duran?

Nick Hipa

Which band was Samuel Nicholas Hipa a part of from 2003 to 2014 and then again from 2018 to 2020?

Triple Crown Records

Which band's career was launched by Triple Crown Records in 2001?

Distant Thunder

Which marching band later became Nexus Drum & Bugle Corps?

Pink Lightning

In what context is 'Pink Lightning' associated with the band Purity Ring?

Sleep Token

Which record label did Sleep Token sign with in June 2019?

End of the world

Which band is also known as Sekai no Owari?

Laura MacFarlane

In which year did Laura MacFarlane found the indie rock band ninetynine?

Corin Tucker

What was the name of the band Corin Tucker formed after Heavens to Betsy split in 1994?

Zeke (band)

Which record label did Zeke sign with in 1998?