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Ross (name)

Which Ross is known for being a British lyricist?

Deaths in October 2022

Which American photographer and filmmaker passed away at the age of 69 due to cancer in October 2022?

W. B. Yeats

What was the name of Yeats' first significant poem?

Mark (given name)

Which American actor took his pen name from a call used by riverboat workers on the Mississippi River to indicate a depth of two fathoms?

Moose (disambiguation)

Which TV show featured a character named Moose A. Moose?

Sun Valley High School (Pennsylvania)

Which band ensemble at Sun Valley has had unprecedented success at regional competitions?

Waverider (disambiguation)

Who is Waverider in the DC Comics universe?

Arts in the Philippines

What is one of the oldest traditional arts in the Philippines that involves medical artisans and shamans performing traditions grounded on physical elements?


What is 'The Appendix'?


Which media is often stylized as SUPER SOUND Bugs!?