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Industry and Idleness

What was the title of the series of 12 plot-linked engravings created by William Hogarth in 1747 to illustrate the rewards of hard work and the disasters of idleness?

Minoan art

What type of art is the most instructive surviving example of Minoan art due to the decomposition of wood and textiles?

Frank Henry Shapleigh

Where was Frank Henry Shapleigh born?

Frank Henry Shapleigh

In which university's collection can you find Frank Henry Shapleigh's work?

Frank Henry Shapleigh

Where was Frank Henry Shapleigh based at the Crawford House Artist's Studio?

Theory of art

What is the aesthetic response theory of art primarily concerned with?

Eloise (The Sopranos)

What is the title reference in the episode 'Eloise' from The Sopranos?

Erotic art

What is the distinction between erotic art and pornography based on?

Albert von Keller

In which year did Albert von Keller pass away?

Albert von Keller

What was the profession Albert von Keller initially studied before pursuing art?