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History of Morocco

What is the earliest known human ancestor discovered in Morocco?

Bhagwanpura, Haryana

What type of structures were found in sub-period IB?

Bhagwanpura, Haryana

Which culture is generally associated with the Vedic people?

Bhagwanpura, Haryana

What is Bhagwanpura known for?


What is the Relationship (archaeology)?


What was the first known archeological excavation in Mesopotamia?


What is Assyriology?

Yehoshua Dorfman

What was Yehoshua Dorfman's contribution to the Israel Antiquities Authority?

History of Pakistan

What is the name of the archaeological culture of the Lower Paleolithic, Acheulean, named after the Soan Valley in the Sivalik Hills?


What is the significance of the plaster casts found in Pompeii?