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Processual archaeology

What did Gordon Willey and Philip Phillips believe was the goal of American archaeology?

Lagar Velho 1

What is Lagar Velho 1, also known as the Lagar Velho boy or Lapedo child, believed to be?

Neanderthal extinction

What is one of the possible causes of Neanderthal extinction according to the article?

Kleine Feldhofer Grotte

Where was the Neanderthal type specimen unearthed from in August 1856?

Cro-Magnon rock shelter

What was the subspecies name proposed by Louis Lartet for the Cro-Magnon men?

La Chapelle-aux-Saints 1

How old was the Neanderthal individual known as La Chapelle-aux-Saints 1 at the time of his death?

Neanderthal behavior

What is the main source of dietary protein for Neanderthals, showing them to have been carnivorous apex predators?

Incest taboo

What is the Westermarck effect theory based on?

Initial Upper Paleolithic

Which techno-complex is associated with the Initial Upper Paleolithic?

Initial Upper Paleolithic

Which individuals have been directly dated to the Initial Upper Paleolithic period?