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Aviation fuel

What type of fuel is used by small aircraft, light helicopters, and vintage piston-engined aircraft?

Ilyushin Il-112

What is the main difference between the Ilyushin Il-112 and the Ilyushin Il-212?

ATR 72

What is the significance of the number '72' in the ATR 72's name?

Dassault Rafale

When did the Rafale A technology demonstrator make its first flight?

Dassault Rafale

Which countries were involved in the 'European Combat Aircraft' project that Dassault-Breguet joined in 1979?

Dassault Rafale

What does the name 'Rafale' mean in French?

Rutan Defiant

How many sets of plans were purchased before the Rutan Aircraft Factory discontinued selling plans for the Defiant?

Rutan Defiant

What is the maximum speed of the Rutan Model 40 Defiant?

Rutan Defiant

How many passengers can the Rutan Model 40 Defiant carry?

Rutan Long-EZ

How many FAA-registered Long-EZs were in the United States in 2021?